WISE Video


September WISE Works! Event. 

Young women in Science and Engineering at Acadia attended a workshop where they could meet with other women in the STEM fields.



Wise at Acadia

Table of Contents
00:00 – 02:15  Opening – Dr. Eva Curry,  Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics 
02:15 – 04:11  Welcome – Dr. Peter Williams, Dean of Faculty of Pure and Applied Science
04:13 – 06:30  Women in Science at Acadia: Embracing the Opportunities and Dealing with the Challenges 
06:39 – 13:15  Acadia History: Women in Science, Zoe Tustin, Honours Student, Dept. of History and Classics 
13:35 – 39:51  WISE: Why So Few? Dr. Randy Newman, Dept. of Psychology 
40:28 – 47:19  In Minority: The Status of Women at Acadia University 2012-13, Dr. Zelda Abramson, Dept. of Sociology 
47:42 – 52:47  Acadia Women in Science Discussion, Lauren Del Bel (Acadia Graduate), PhD Candidate, University of Toronto/The Hospital for Sick Children
52:54  Credit Slide