Previous Scientists

Name: Yvonne Lunn

Field of Study: Biology and Kinesiology  

Other Interests/Hobbies: Films, hockey, animal research, painting, and videography

Name - Tanya

Field of Study - Computer Science

Other Interest/Hobbies - Hiking,Travelling, Dance, Cooking

Name - Vistassja Williams

Field of Study - Computer Science

Other Interest/Hobbies - Reading, Writing, Playing Clarinet and Hiking

Name: Dr. Allison Walker, Assistant Professor,  Acadia Biology Dept

Field of Study: Mycology, marine mycology, molecular genetics, field biology

Other Interest/Hobbies: family (husband & two young sons), travel, cooking, creative writing, birdwatching, hiking & canoeing

Name: Alexandra Brown

Field of Study: Biology

Other Interest/Hobbies: Hiking, travelling, fishing, cooking, and hanging out with her mom

Name: Lita O'Halloran

Field of Study: M.Sc in Biology

Other Interest/Hobbies: hiking, spending time with my puppy, identifying organisms, making maps and restoring classic cars

Name: Hayly Thackeray

Field of Study: Computer Science

Other Interest/Hobbies: Volunteering, yoga, reading, running, video and board games

Name: Laura Logan-Chesney

Major: MSc Biology

Field of Study: Fish telemetry

Other Interest/Hobbies: Scuba diving, surfing, hiking, music, travel

Name: Rachel Clarke

Field of Study: Environmental Science

Other Interest/Hobbies: drawing, reading, baking, geographic information systems

Name: Melissa O'Brien

Field of Study:  Biology and Chemistry

Other Interest/Hobbies: Piano, reading, diversity, medicinal chemistry research

Name: Chelsea Penney

Field of Study: Biology

Interests: Biology Society, S.M.I.L.E., reading, and travelling

Name:  Amanda Loder

Major: MSc Biology

Field of Study: Wetland restoration

Other Interest/Hobbies: Piano, reading, swimming, running, skiing, biking, yoga, eating

Name: Cathy Murimboh

Field of Study: Chemistry

Interests: Playing with her three children, baking, and crafts


Name: Julia Widden

Major: BSc Biology

Field of Study: Marine Conservation

Interests: S.M.I.L.E., exploring the Maritimes, photography, teaching, kids