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Asteroseismology: Dissecting the stars, A Public Talk by Dr. Catherine Lovekin

by Thackeray, Hayly

Asteroseismology: Dissecting the stars

A Public Talk by Dr. Catherine Lovekin

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Mount Allison University


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

7:00 pm

K.C. Irving Centre Auditorium, Acadia University

When we observe stars, the light all comes from the surface.  So how do we know what happens inside stars?  One of the strongest tests of our stellar models comes from asteroseismology; using variations in the light to probe the interior structure.  Based on these variations, we can determine the size and shape of the convective core, how a star rotates in its deep interior, and other details of the interior structure.  In this talk, I will present an overview of the techniques of asteroseismology and discuss what we have learned about stars as a result.

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